💕Donny & Me !! on BBC ‘FernBrittonMeets’ Sun 30th Nov 2014 Season 6 (with link to Interview😘) Enjoy !

Well, the day arrived at last, Sunday 30th November 2014 ! Such excitement as I thought ‘Am I going to be on ?’ Wow to be on a programme with Donny, felt like a dream. BUT yes it was all real ! The programme started, I was so excited but thoughts of anticipation running through me, will they, won’t they!   Lots of great footage was shown from the early days of the Osmonds, visiting the UK & Heathrow incident with the wall collapsing due to so many fans waiting for their arrival ! Donny spoke about his life, his faith, it was a honest, loving interview (had a little cry !) also appearing was Marie, Roger Holt – Record Producer, David Hughes – Press Officer, Tony Prince – DJ and of course Maureen – Fan Club Manager/Secretary, all giving great stories from way back, all so interesting to listen to. Then around 29 mins+ I was on, so hard to see yourself on TV ! Do I really sound like that, hehe! I appeared a few more times, the funniest clip was about ‘7UP’ cans & how I used to collect them & put them on my bedroom window sill after drinking them of course, oh dear !! Had to do it way back then, the Osmonds drank it !!! It was a fantastic experience, would I do it again, a BIG YES as any opportunity to talk about Donny & my experiences is always the best time ever, ‘as he makes me go all funny !! xx image image Watch Donny’s Interview with Fern and ENJOY! CLICK HERE TO WATCH PROG:- https://youtu.be/jC7yZajxz6o 412,000 views – put on YouTube by TERRI WILSON ) Goodnight Everybody xx @donnyosmond @fern_britton @tinamckenzie donny.com 🎶🎼


Donny Osmond 💋 ‘The Soundtrack of My Life’ UK TOUR Jan 21st-Feb 3rd 2017💋

Donny here sooon 🎶🎼🆒 xx

Today’s the DAY ! 🎵 xx

BIC BOURNEMOUTH taken from Pier 🎶

Well…. it’s the morning after a FANTASTIC Show with the ONE & ONLY DONNY 💋💜, he’s amazing, brilliant, very entertaining as so many fans know 💋 it was a packed BIC BOURNEMOUTH (on the South Coast) last night. On the morning of the Concert I drove to Bournemouth (only hour away) & was to meet my friend Hilde who I haven’t seen for 35 years from Norway to watch the show. Hilde was out shopping so I walked along the Beach & Pier as the weather had brightened up, actually I wondered if Donny had arrived yet so passed the BIC just incase ! No luck ! Walked back to hotel after I heard from Hilde, lovely seeing her, went for lunch & wondered around shops, on way back passed through the BIC for coffee & yes Donny was in the building, ‘Crazy Horses’ sounding good ! Wanted to sneak in but that was a NO NO ! Time had come to go back to hotel, change & have dinner, we then entered the foyer filled with VERY EXCITED fans ready & waiting for him, ( DONNY STILL DOES IT !), we collected our VIP goody bag, we took our seats, Row C, a fantastic view of the stage, worth paying extra for these seats ! Anytime for him eh….! ( 👎the only frustrating thing on the night were the ‘purple cards’….thought we would ALL get the chance to write on a card but only random cards were given out….VERY disappointing !!!👎 ) Then it was time, OH MY, OH MY, AMAZING, AMAZING, what can you say about Donny performing! ALL NIGHT PLEASE! 💋💜 ( did see instructions to use ‘Concert APP’ but Donny was soooo close I couldn’t take my eyes off him, sorry Donny I didn’t use it ! )

Hilde & I were VERY excited….nearly time !

These following photos show what a fantastic evening it was xxx🎶🎼🎵🆒

Lovely items in Goody Bag, wonder who will ‘doggie walk’ with me now with that hat & scarf !! he he !!

DVD recording just been announced, will be brilliant to see Concert again, & again, & again ! **Recorded Birmingham Concert, the last night of Tour**

Thank you Donny for touring the UK, made us all feel young again ! Hopefully see you again VERY soon 🎶🎼🎵xxxx (I’m writing this blog during early hours after Concert, cannot sleep, see what you do Donny !!)

ONE LAST & STRANGE THOUGHT….. my ‘Facebook Memory’ on this Exact same Date 4 years ago at same Place was this:-

NOW that’s another BLOG, maybe have a look…. 🎶🎼🎵xx

ANNOUNCEMENT MADE: Friday JULY 14th DVD release…yes ! Hopefully Donny will be over to UK to promote DVD, not sure if that will happen ?

*** Short TOUR UK again maybe planned 2018 ? start saving NOW ! 💋***✈✈✈

Goodnight everybody xx

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Meeting Nathan & Sarah Osmond in London UK – August 6th 2015

I read my twitter page on the morning of August 6th & read Nathan’s tweet, he was in the UK and visiting London TODAY ! Well that was worth a trip to London, so suggested to my daughter Abbie if she fancied a shopping trip, oh and to include a meet with Nathan & Sarah X That was a yes to the shopping & come along to Westminster Abbey to keep me company and meet them. After the shops made our way to the Abbey and sat and waited & then they arrived having a Tour Guide show them around, good idea. But having travelled early that morning attending the ‘Hearing Fund UK Gala’ in Leeds, they were tired with all the Tour walking ! Abbie & I had a lovely time with Nathan & Sarah, a lovely couple. We talked for a long time and had photos taken, all very exciting.




Same to you Nathan 👍

Thank you Nathan & Sarah for making this fan very happy, hope to meet again soon…. X
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💜Donny On Tour 2004 @ Broadlands Hampshire UK, an Outdoors Concert X

Sunday 18th July 2004 Exciting day happening, Donny at Broadlands Hampshire UK, an Outdoors Concert ! WOW, that’s a different idea, sooo looking forward to this. 💜

Going with best friend Jackie & daughter Katherine, aged 13, took our picnic & chairs ! 🌞
Got there nice & early, found our good spot & enjoyed the atmosphere, lots of fans enjoyed themselves, certainly felt different being outside.


Guest singers on to start, which is great, but when would lovely, gorgeous Donny be on! Then he was ON ! I don’t have to say what Donny was like, we all know don’t we ! 💜 xxx

As the sun set 🌞 it was fantastic to be in such an atmosphere, under the stars in such wonderful, dreamy company 🌟🌟🌟 mmm niice xxx

Buy Donny’s DVD ‘Live at Edinburgh Castle’ to get the same atmosphere x Got mine signed at HMV, see blog all about it ! 💜🎤🎶🎼💜 Click here to read all about it…..



Goodnight Everybody ! XX

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