💕Donny and Marie Osmond UK Tour at the BIC January 25th 2013👠

Where do I start ! The day’s Friday 25th January 2013 and I’m going with my friend Jackie to BIC Bournemouth to see Donny and Marie on their UK Tour. Lots of tweets were being sent by both Donny and Marie keeping us informed of their activities which is always fun, but the added bonus with Marie was that she was running a competition via twitter for later in the show to tweet through your seat no., row and block you were seated in and screen on stage to say ‘tweet now’, she randomly would choose a winner to have 2 front row seats and backstage passes to meet both of them after – wow had to give that a go ! I prepared ahead of time, put all details into a tweet ‘draft’, after taking our seats I sent the tweet through, so did many others I’m sure!
The show began, brilliant to see them both, Marie finished her song, she started to explain about the twitter comp and announced here’s the winner ‘tina louise mckenzie’ ! Jackie and I looked at each other-jackie said she was gonna kill me!! yes we had won 2 seats in Row A ! This was the start of something truly FANTASTIC XX


We were taken down the front, Marie asked if we had made it down ok, so I thanked her and shook her hand ! It was a brilliant brilliant concert, we have never been in Row A before !

2013-01-25 20.47.11-1

2013-01-25 20.25.28-1

They are incredible, so wonderful, could watch them all day every day!
During the interval we were shown around backstage, had photos taken on stage, introduced to everyone ( not D and M), and led back to our seats, all the team were so nice.

2013-01-25 20.59.29


The brilliant show finished, we were led to wait backstage, how was I feeling, I’m not sure, already on cloud nine from beginning of day and a few clouds higher during the concert and now even higher at this stage! Donny was in his dressing room, Marie joined us. They were wonderful, had a lovely chat and photos taken, then it was time to dash!
What can I say about the experience, words fail me. It was the best evening ever thanks to Donny and Marie & all the Crew, thank you sooo much XX Will that ever happen again, Iet’s hope so ! (now 2017 UK TOUR booked!)

What can I say about this pic !



UPDATE ON 22nd April 2016:- Booked tickets for Donny’s UK TOUR in 2017 ROW C, strangely it’s at same place, month & day as this experience ! Must mean something !! XX🆒🎶🎼🎵

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