Donny Osmond 💋 ‘The Soundtrack of My Life’ UK TOUR Jan 21st-Feb 3rd 2017💋

Donny here sooon 🎶🎼🆒 xx

Today’s the DAY ! 🎵 xx

BIC BOURNEMOUTH taken from Pier 🎶

Well…. it’s the morning after a FANTASTIC Show with the ONE & ONLY DONNY 💋💜, he’s amazing, brilliant, very entertaining as so many fans know 💋 it was a packed BIC BOURNEMOUTH (on the South Coast) last night. On the morning of the Concert I drove to Bournemouth (only hour away) & was to meet my friend Hilde who I haven’t seen for 35 years from Norway to watch the show. Hilde was out shopping so I walked along the Beach & Pier as the weather had brightened up, actually I wondered if Donny had arrived yet so passed the BIC just incase ! No luck ! Walked back to hotel after I heard from Hilde, lovely seeing her, went for lunch & wondered around shops, on way back passed through the BIC for coffee & yes Donny was in the building, ‘Crazy Horses’ sounding good ! Wanted to sneak in but that was a NO NO ! Time had come to go back to hotel, change & have dinner, we then entered the foyer filled with VERY EXCITED fans ready & waiting for him, ( DONNY STILL DOES IT !), we collected our VIP goody bag, we took our seats, Row C, a fantastic view of the stage, worth paying extra for these seats ! Anytime for him eh….! ( 👎the only frustrating thing on the night were the ‘purple cards’….thought we would ALL get the chance to write on a card but only random cards were given out….VERY disappointing !!!👎 ) Then it was time, OH MY, OH MY, AMAZING, AMAZING, what can you say about Donny performing! ALL NIGHT PLEASE! 💋💜 ( did see instructions to use ‘Concert APP’ but Donny was soooo close I couldn’t take my eyes off him, sorry Donny I didn’t use it ! )

Hilde & I were VERY excited….nearly time !

These following photos show what a fantastic evening it was xxx🎶🎼🎵🆒

Lovely items in Goody Bag, wonder who will ‘doggie walk’ with me now with that hat & scarf !! he he !!

DVD recording just been announced, will be brilliant to see Concert again, & again, & again ! **Recorded Birmingham Concert, the last night of Tour**

Thank you Donny for touring the UK, made us all feel young again ! Hopefully see you again VERY soon 🎶🎼🎵xxxx (I’m writing this blog during early hours after Concert, cannot sleep, see what you do Donny !!)

ONE LAST & STRANGE THOUGHT….. my ‘Facebook Memory’ on this Exact same Date 4 years ago at same Place was this:-

NOW that’s another BLOG, maybe have a look…. 🎶🎼🎵xx

ANNOUNCEMENT MADE: Friday JULY 14th DVD release…yes ! Hopefully Donny will be over to UK to promote DVD, not sure if that will happen ?

*** Short TOUR UK again maybe planned 2018 ? start saving NOW ! 💋***✈✈✈

Goodnight everybody xx

@donnyosmond @tinamckenzie


4 thoughts on “Donny Osmond 💋 ‘The Soundtrack of My Life’ UK TOUR Jan 21st-Feb 3rd 2017💋

  1. I love you Donny Osmond, I pray you come close to Virginia so my dream could come true, to actually met you in person. From your #1 fan..Julie Reed.

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      • I know he has a big birthday this year but he looks at least 15 years younger. He was my big crush at the age of 12/13 and is one of the few child stars who has survived to tell the tale – looks as if he’ll be going for quite some time yet!

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