Donny in London for the week Oct 6 – 12th 2014

Exciting times, Donny here in the UK all week, promoting his new 60th Album due out November 10th ! Donny had let us know these dates & which shows beforehand so alot of booking tickets then happened ! SRO Audiences was the company I contacted and received e-tickets for ‘Loose Women – Donny Sings’ (not sure what this one was about). Also received priority tickets for ‘Alan Titchmarsh Show’ for Wednesday 8th but eventually found out Donny was to be interviewed on Tuesday so a friend had spare tickets for that day, thank you Tina so much for them !


Donny had a very busy schedule for the whole week, starting with presenting an award at ‘Pride of Britain’ on the Monday evening, radio interviews, interview with Fern Britton to be aired November 30th BBC 10am, (see my blog about this one, I WAS INTERVIEWED ! ) ‘Loose Women’, ‘The One Show’, ‘Alan Titchmarsh Show’ & a special guest judge on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ & I’ve not included everything ! Wow, all in ONE week Donny !!

I had booked Tuesday off for ‘Alan T’ & then I got e-tickets through for Wed’s ‘Donny Sings’ so had to ask nicely for extra day off work ! So Donny here I come ! Daughter Katherine coming with me, both days, isn’t she good x

We arrived on Tuesday at ITV STUDIOS on South Bank LONDON around 11am to queue for ‘Alan T’, not due in until after 2pm but hey, it’s for Donny !! It was a very cold day but time went quickly, we went in & had fantastic seats, 2nd row, end seats in middle aisle, what a view I had of seats where Donny would be interviewed later, no one in MY way ! We watched 2 shows of ‘Alan T’ & then it was time for interview & he was singing too, well that was a fantastic surprise x Donny sat waiting to start, he said we were too quiet ! What a view I had, dreamy few minutes for me, gorgeous or what ! Interview went well & song was fantastic ‘Could She Be Mine’ from new Album, oh dear Donny had to do it twice, as many times as he likes as far as I’m concerned ! But the time had come for him to leave, he shook my hand, mmm nice x😛🤭x




Next day ‘Donny Sings’ was to be recorded as an extra for ‘Loose Woman’ to be aired October 15th. Katherine and Lucy joined me to watch. There was confusion about this show as we queued from 11am to around 3.30pm, we should have gone in before 3pm, but we did go in eventually, Donny came in to the Studio, sang lovely ‘Ben’ again from new Album, dreamy singing again but Donny then said goodbye ! So one song & that was all, oh dear 4 hours queued & saw Donny for 5 minutes ! Can’t complain as in the same room as Donny but a bit longer would have been good ! Donny appeared on ‘The One Show’ later that evening, great show Donny x


Guess who was in this car !! X

What a couple of days, I was exhausted! Friday included ‘Strictly’ rehearsals at Elstree Studios ready for Saturday’s live show. Donny appeared on ‘Strictly It Takes Two’ discussing what sort of judge he will be at the weekend. Saturdays’ show was a treat with Donny as a special judge, he knows what he’s talking about, wish he was on EVERY week ! 👍💋
Sundays’ show was great with Donny singing ‘Moon River’, dreamy Donny x

Loose Women shown Wed 15 October,

Alan Titchmarsh to be shown Mon 10 November, Donny in UK CD signing @HMVManchester this day,
HMV Oxford Street Wed 12 November.

Goodnight Everybody !

@donnyosmond @tinamckenzie


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