🎶Donny’s Autobiography ‘Life is Just What You Make It’ 2005 📚📓📖

The place is Waterstones Guildford UK, needed to get there that evening, Donny was signing his new book ‘Life is Just What You Make It‘. Arrived with friend Debbie & of course had to queue, it went up two floors and outside, everyone was passing & asked who was inside ! 🤔We queued for a while, got to the steps below floor Donny was on, about 6 people in front of us and then told Donny had to leave !😂 WHAT, how was that happening ! We hovered for ages, no sign of him coming downstairs, the shop Manager said Donny would sign some copies of his book so leave your address & will post a copy to us 😥 not quite the same is it, but oh well sure Donny didn’t want to go but maybe it was important he had to leave !🙁 Maybe saw me coming & thought best go !! Only joking !! Did catch him going into his car, very quickly !😖
So disappointed, so close yet so far but Donny doesn’t like to upset his fans so there must have been a reason, maybe ask him ONE DAY ! 💋💕💕 xx




And here it is, YES !! 😘📚📓Goodnight Everybody xx

@donnyosmond @tinamckenzie


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